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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Must-Have 2012 Election Souvenir Tee Shirt !!!!

I saw these 2012 Election 2012 Tee Shirts and bought a couple.  It will make a great statement now and a fantastic souvenir later.  

The tee shirt says, "If you've got a business, you didn't built it yourself. -- We've got to get them out in 2012!" If you want some of these for yourself and family, here's the link

Election Humor and Food for Thought! :)

Billboard on Route I-35 South
If you think this is a cool pic, why don't you express your view and make it your profile pic in Facebook, Twitter, and gmail at least until the 2012 election??!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Colonel Brooks Tavern Closure Date Announced!!

By JC Leahy

Colonel Brooks Tavern employees today were notified that the Tavern will close its doors forever on September 15.  On-duty employees were seen crying.

Colonel Brooks Tavern is a landmark in the Brookland area of DC.   It is frequented by Catholic University and Trinity College students and employees, and by employees of nearby hospitals, among others.  It is at 901 Monroe Street, NE, directly across the street from the Brookland Metro Station.  The Tavern is closing to make way for private development of 205 to 220 upscale condominiums and 150 below-grade parking spaces.   The new structure will include 12,720 square feet of street-level retail space as well.  Colonel Brooks Tavern will not reopen in any of the new space, according to Colonel Brooks management.

"Where will we go for lunch now" lamented one nurse. "There's nothing else comparable around here!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Consumer Complaint: Carroll Home Services / Carroll Fuel

JC Leahy, MA Accounting
August 15, 2012

General Manager
Carroll Fuel/Carroll Home Services
2700 Loch Raven Road, Suite 200
Baltimore, MD  21218

Dear Sir/Madam:

Ref. Account # 10-51

Your accounting department is abysmal.  So much so that it is a barrier to doing business.  MOST bills that you send contain errors!  Although I believe I usually catch the errors, having to carefully check each billings and deal with the constant corrections takes too much of my valuable time.  Consider, for example, the fact that I am writing this letter now.

You have been dunning me for $80.52 since last heating season.  Given your abysmal track record, I have not paid.  I knew that you were probably in error.  I explained to your accounting folks that I pay by individual invoice, and I demanded to know what invoice had been underpaid.  All this time, your accounting department has been UNABLE TO TELL which invoice it was.  Then FINALLY on July 30 (postmark) you were able to send me documentation that invoice #6457659 had been issued at $580.41 and paid at $499.89, leaving a balance due of $80.52. Sigh....I am enclosing a copy of that invoice.  Also I am enclosing a copy of an e-mail from your sales agent specifying my fixed price agreement for last season.  My price cap was $3.599 per gallon.  You invoiced me at $3.999 per gallon for 138.8 gallons of fuel.  I adjusted the erroneous invoice to the correct price per gallon.  I also enclosed a $25 coupon as payment towards the invoice.  The adjusted amount due was, correctly, $499.89 and that is the amount of the payment you received.  Which leaves a balance due of ZERO.

I like your field reps and delivery service, but your accounting department is too much to bear.  It is irritating to receive a dunning notice.  It is distracting to have to check every bill I receive.  It is time consuming and frustrating to have to talk by phone to your accounting folks who are SO confident in their accuracy but are ALWAYS wrong.  What kind of a way is that to run a business???!!!!   

As a way of apology and compensation for everything, you should send me $75 in coupons towards next seasons' fuel.  Otherwise, there is not a snowballs chance in hell of my continuing my two delivery accounts with you.

Sincerely yours,
JC Leahy, MA Accounting