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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Constellation Electric Offer

by JC Leahy

I almost threw it in the trash.  While I was away on vacation last week, I received a piece of "junk mail" from Constellation Electric in Baltimore, Maryland. They were offering to sell me electricity cheaper than my local electric utility, PEPCO.  The junk mail offered 9.55 cents/ per kWh.  I happen to be on a project to save money, so I pulled out my PEPCO bill for comparison.  Here in Silver Spring, Maryland PEPCO charges me  11.2 to 11.9 cents per kWh, depending on the time of day for "generation services."  In addition PEPCO bills me for "distribution services," and "transmission services."  That was yesterday. Today I read the fine print that came with the junk mail and phoned Constellation Electric to ask questions.

According to the fine print, the catch is that you have to sign up for a 1 or 2 year period.  During this time, Constellation Electric locks in your low rate.  The rate is 9.55 cents per kWh if you sign up for 2 years, and 9.65 cents if you sign up for one year.  If you cancel early, there is a $150 cancellation fee.  But the cancellation fee is waived if your reason for cancellation is that you MOVED or sold your home.  So it seems to me that the cancellation fee provision is no big deal, considering that they will lock in cheap electricity for 2 years.  Furthermore, according to the phone call I made, the low rate includes not only "generation services" but also "transmission services."

PEPCO will continue to send me the same bill with the same account number. Constellation Electric charges will appear on the PEPCO bill.  PEPCO will continue to charge for "transmission services" at exactly the same rate per kWh as they do now.  PEPCO will also collect the same utility taxes that are included on their bill already.  PEPCO will also continue to read your meter and provide emergency services just like they do now. 

I don't see a downside here.  If I sign up for this deal,  I will get the same PEPCO bill as now, but significantly cheaper.  I'm going to do it.  You might want to check it out for yourself.  If you know something good or bad about this, please post a comment below!!

The offer Constellation Electric offer code is 8990053J .  They say it's good until July 23.  Their phone number is 888-219-4239.




Thursday, June 17, 2010


(Update:  See link at end to contact your Senator/Representative on Facebook)

Help!! Facebook has blocked me from posting comments!!  They say some people may find my healthcare reform  opinions  offensive!!! That's what I get for presenting alternative ideas in Liberal circles!! (So much for open-minded discussion!) You judge!! Check my opinion at . If you DO NOT find this offiensive, would you PLEASE help! Cut and paste this paragraph in Facebook comments FAR AND WIDE within Facebook, including the group "Health Care Reform" (which is pro-Democrat), "Scrap the Bill" and other groups as you see fit. And also email this paragraph to EVERYONE,  please.  -- JC Leahy, Registered Nurse

About health care, repeal is actually the answer!!!  Instead of spending billions of dollars per year constructing a bureaucracy to dictate what health care we may have, when we may have it, and how we must pay for it -- take those billions of dollars annually and place them into our own private savings or investment accounts. As families and individuals, we'll than manage buying our own health care, like we do everything else in our lives!! This will do for healthcare planning what the 401(k) and IRA did for retirement planning -- but in an even more powerful way!!! It will cost less, we'll get exactly the health care we, individually most value, and we will be, as Milton Friedman put it, "free to choose"!!!! Check out details at:


HERE'S A GREAT LINK TO CONTACT YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES ON FACEBOOK (Note: You have to go to each site and click "LIKE" at the top before the site will allow you to leave a comment."

100 Most Outstanding Nurses Award, Washington, DC (2009)

Friday, June 11, 2010

YouTube Censors Video of Tea Party Being Attacked During Peaceful Demonstration

Here's a link to a news report.  It's shocking.

Black Liberal Attacks White Tea Party Member During Peaceful Tea Party Protest!

If a white tea party activist attacked a liberal demonstrator of any color, the mainstream media would be all over it for a week decrying the "rage of the right-wing racists"!!!  Check this video. Where's the media outrage???  Does anyone see a double standard here?!

JC Leahy

Comment below please.

Maxine on Immigration Reform

From the e-mail box: D. Greenwod, Ponce Inlet, Florida

I wish the silly bitch lived next to me – I could drop over to her place with a bottle of cheap red rose wine & get my weekly financial-investing-advice/weekly-strategy-investing-briefing. I’ve given up on all the finance/investment blah, blah folks – Maxine and the “Wine Goddess” are my only dependable sources of valid financial advice these days. Maxine could very well be the “Wine Goddess” in disguise. Who knows?? Just my opinion of course.
The "Golden Years" - love them or leave them - "that's the way it is".
Best always. Cheers.

Maxine's wisdom:

I bought a bird feeder. I hung
It on my back porch and filled
It with seed. What a beauty of
A bird feeder it was, as I filled it
lovingly with seed. Within a
Week we had hundreds of birds
Taking advantage of the
Continuous flow of free and
Easily accessible food.

But then the birds started
Building nests in the boards
Of the patio, above the table,
And next to the barbecue.

Then came the poop. It was
Everywhere: on the patio tile,
The chairs, the table ..

Then some of the birds
Turned mean. They would
Dive bomb me and try to
Peck me even though I had
Fed them out of my own

And others birds were
Boisterous and loud. They
Sat on the feeder and
Squawked and screamed at
All hours of the day and night
And demanded that I fill it
When it got low on food.

After a while, I couldn't even
Sit on my own back porch
Anymore. So I took down the
Bird feeder and in three days
The birds were gone. I cleaned
Up their mess and took down
The many nests they had built
All over the patio.

Soon, the back yard was like
It used to be .... Quiet, serene....
And no one demanding their
Rights to a free meal.

Now let's see.
Our government gives out
Free food, subsidized housing,
Free medical care and free
Education, and allows anyone
Born here to be an automatic

Then the illegal's came by the
Tens of thousands. Suddenly
Our taxes went up to pay for
Free services; small apartments
Are housing 5 families; you
Have to wait 6 hours to be seen
By an emergency room doctor;
Your child's second grade class is
Behind other schools because
Over half the class doesn't speak

Corn Flakes now come in a
Bilingual box; I have to
'press one ' to hear my bank
Talk to me in English, and
People waving flags other
Than 'Old Glory' are
Squawking and screaming
In the streets, demanding
More rights and free liberties.

Just my opinion, but maybe
it's time for the government
To take down the bird feeder.

If you agree, pass it on; if not,
Just continue cleaning up the poop .

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Legislative Proposal: Quick Benefits Summary -- Silver Pennant Health Care Reform Plan

The Silver Pennant Plan will transform our failed health-care financing system to a system of individuals and families controlling their own destinies and empowered by their own resources. Vast sums of money will be set aside for health care, and safeguarded by vigilant owners. We, the owners, will retain these vast sums no matter how often we change jobs -- thus providing complete portability and coverage of preexisting conditions. Catastrophic health insurance will protect us from financial disaster. Medicare and Medicaid will be strengthened to protect the poor and the elderly. Payment processing will be as simple as swiping a debit card. People will spend and save health care resources as they think wise. They will never again be told that a treatment they desperately need is not covered by "the plan", or can only be obtained by lengthy waiting or complicated appeals. Employers will no longer stagger under the burden of health care costs. Job-creating small employers will get their second wind from a reduction of their income and self-employment taxes. Large employers, over time, will have the crushing burden of employee health care expenses lifted from their shoulders. Medicare and Medicaid will be secured and strengthened. Doctors and hospitals will be cured of the expensive headache of administering insurance claims. They will, however, need to produce price estimates and bills that vigilent consumers can understand and accept.

Details: Silver Pennant Health Care Reform Plan (click here)