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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Legislative Proposal: Quick Benefits Summary -- Silver Pennant Health Care Reform Plan

The Silver Pennant Plan will transform our failed health-care financing system to a system of individuals and families controlling their own destinies and empowered by their own resources. Vast sums of money will be set aside for health care, and safeguarded by vigilant owners. We, the owners, will retain these vast sums no matter how often we change jobs -- thus providing complete portability and coverage of preexisting conditions. Catastrophic health insurance will protect us from financial disaster. Medicare and Medicaid will be strengthened to protect the poor and the elderly. Payment processing will be as simple as swiping a debit card. People will spend and save health care resources as they think wise. They will never again be told that a treatment they desperately need is not covered by "the plan", or can only be obtained by lengthy waiting or complicated appeals. Employers will no longer stagger under the burden of health care costs. Job-creating small employers will get their second wind from a reduction of their income and self-employment taxes. Large employers, over time, will have the crushing burden of employee health care expenses lifted from their shoulders. Medicare and Medicaid will be secured and strengthened. Doctors and hospitals will be cured of the expensive headache of administering insurance claims. They will, however, need to produce price estimates and bills that vigilent consumers can understand and accept.

Details: Silver Pennant Health Care Reform Plan (click here)

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