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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The Department of Health (DOH) continues to emphasize the importance of active surveillance for human cases of West Nile Virus (WNV).
Clinical Description:
Arboviral infections may be asymptomatic or may result in illnesses of variable severity sometimes associated with the central nervous system (CNS). Clinical syndrome can range from febrile headache to aseptic meningitis to encephalitis. Arboviral meningitis is characterized by fever, headache, stiff neck, and pleocytosis. Arboviral encephalitis is characterized b fever, headache and alter red mental status ranging from confusion to coma with or without signs of brain dysfunction.
Clinical criteria:

I Neuroinvasive disease
·          Fever greater than or equal to 100.4° F or 38°C) as reported by the patient or a health-care provider. AND
·         Meningitis, encephalitis. acute flaccid paralysis or other acute signs of central or peripheral neurologic dysfunction, as documented by a physician. AND
·         Absence of a more likely clinical explanation.

II Non-neuroinvasive disease
Fever greater than or equal to lOO.4°F or 38'C) as reported by the patient or a health-care provider, AND
·         Absence of neuroinvasive disease. AND
·         Absence of a more likely clinical explanation.

Laboratory criteria:

I. Confirmed
·         Isolation of virus from, or demonstration of specific viral antigen or nucleic acid in, tissue, blood. CSF or other body fluid. OR
·         Four-fold or greater change in virus-specific quantitative antibody titers in paired sera. OR
·         Virus-specific IgM antibodies in serum with confirmatory virus-specific neutralizing antibodies in the same or a later specimen OR
·         Virus-specific IgM antibodies in CSF and a negative result for other IgM antibodies in CSF for arboviruses endemic to the region where exposure occurred.

II. Probable
·         Virus-specific IgM antibodies in CSF or serum but with no other testing.
Case Definitions: A case must meet one or more of the above clinical criteria and one or more of the above laboratory criteria.
Send Case Report Forms via FAX to:  (202) 442-8060
Laboratory testing information: (202)535-2323
Questions: (202)442-8141

Testing for West Nile Virus (WNV): Please submit >5.0 ml of serum (or plasma for virus isolation) and > 1.0ml of CSF. Please do not submit whole blood. Convalescent specimens (2 weeks after initial specimen) should be clearly labeled as such so appropriate testing can be done. A copy of the case report must accompany each specimen/set of specimens submitted for testing.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Musical Play to See: Crazy For You

Our friend Andrea is in a mucical play beginning this Friday.  She's very anxious but excited.  The musical is called Crazy About You.   Here's info:

F Scott Fitzgerald Theater
Rockville Musical Theatre
"The New Gershwin Musical Comedy"
Crazy For YouJuly 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 at 8 p.m.
July 21, 28 at 2 p.m.

Tickets: $20-$22
F.  Scott Fitzgerald Theatre
Named for the famous author who visited Rockville and is buried here, the theater is located in Rockville Civic Center Park, 603 Edmonston Drive, Rockville, MD  20851.  There is plenty of free parking behind the theatre or across the driveway from the theatre.
Theatre Box Office/Tickets
Current & Upcoming Events
240-314-8690 opt 3
Theatre Rental 
F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre Seating ChartTickets may be purchased in person, online, by phone or mail order. Box Office telephone and walk-in hours are from 2 to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. We are also open at least two hours before ticketed performances through intermission for day of show tickets. Due to events in the theatre, these hours may vary. Please check the calendar for the current month schedule. There is a $3.00 charge per ticket to exchange the performance date within a production.
To purchase tickets by phone on Visa or Mastercard, please call 240-314-8690. 
To order by mail, include your name, address, phone number along with the date and time of the performance you would like to attend.  Include a check, payable to City of Rockville or if by credit card, please include the name on the credit card, the account number and the expiration date.  Please mail to the address above. 
A limited number of tickets are available for purchase on line.  Here is the link: Ticketleap.