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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Income Tax Relief for Struggling Single Mother Immigrant

JC Leahy, MA Accounting
February 5, 2014

 I'm so happy! I just got IRS to reduce client's tax bill from $393,000 to zero. She is a Mexican immigrant, struggling single mother working at near minimum wage. She cried in my office for half an hour when she found out. I love it when I can help someone like that.

Taxpayers who filled out their own income tax returns last year without professional assistance left a billion dollars behind in unclaimed refunds and overpaid taxes!! Do yourself a BIG favor this year and get it right when dealing with the IRS!!!!! JC Leahy has a Masters Degree in Accounting, 35 years' accounting experience. He has been focusing on income taxes for 23 years. He has a dedicated office in his home in Silver Spring/Colesville, Maryland. In this private and confidential setting, he will spend as much time as needed to "get it right" when filing your income tax returns.  He can also work with clients long-distance.  Unlike certain tax-prep chain operations and franchises, when tax season has ended, if you have any questions or problems throughout the year, JC Leahy will be readily available to help you.

Make an appointment: Phone JC Leahy at 301-537-5365.