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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Deal Breaker --- The Mower Man

JC Leahy

 I tried The Mower Man because of good online reviews. I phoned The Mower Man and specified to Pat EXACTLY what was wrong with my lawn tractor; namely, an oil leak at the crankcase gasket.   She gave me a price of $265 plus parts.  My wife stayed home to be there for the repair.  When the Mower Man mechanic showed up,, he said (surprise!)  I had an oil leak at the crankcase gasket.  That was a big job and he'd have to charge me over "at least four-hundred-something" dollars plus parts.  He admitted that the repair was exactly what I had agreed with Pat, but Pat just hadn't charged me enough money.  Neither he nor Pat would listen when I protested that a deal was a deal and that's why they got the job.  My wife had stayed home to be there.  The mechanic left without doing any work and I had to call Sears Home Services.  What colossal a waste of time!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Insulin Overview

Overview, types of insulin, from my clinical notes:

------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
Regular 30-60 min 2.5-5 hr 6-8 Hr
Lispro 10-15 min 30-60 min 2-4 hr
NPH 2-4 hr 4-10 hr 10-16 hr
Lente - Slightly longer than NPH - D/C'd in US, 2006
Ultralente 6-10 hr NONE 18-24 hr - D/C'd in US
Aspart (Novalog) 5-10 min 1-3 hr 3/5 hr