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Thursday, October 22, 2009


by JC Leahy

PLEASE take a look at Canada's single-payer health-care system. That type of single-payer system is the STATED goal of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many influential reformers in the United States.

The Montreal Gazette, a liberal Canadian newspaper, believes that Americans are mis-informed about Canadian health care. A link to that article is below. Believe it or not, the Gazette's DEFENSE of Canadian health care financing goes like this:

1. Health care waiting lines in Canada are "horrible" and getting worse.

2. There is "something fundamentally wrong when individuals in this country (Canada) are forbidden from spending their own money on their own health - unless they go abroad."

3. HOWEVER, the US system is worse because the US has lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality rates.

Hmmm...This assumes that life expectancy and infant mortality depend on the health-care financing system. Actually, however, infant mortality depends largely on low-birth-weight babies, the prevalence of which, in turn, depends very much on race. Life expectancy also, statistically, varies by race. For example, the United States' longest-living group seems to be Japanese Americans. If a single-payer system would make people live longer, Japanese in Japan would live longer than Japanese in America. However, Japanese live about the same length of time whether in Japan or America. Canada's population is mostly white with some Asian, but few blacks. That actually accounts for the differences in infant mortality and life expectancy.

On the other hand, what the Motreal gazette calls "horrible" waiting lines are definitely caused by the single-payer system. Everyone knows and admits this. Also, the ban on spending money on one's own health care results from the single-payer system. After all, if there are "horrible" waiting lines, wouldn't it be unfair to let the "rich" jump to the front of the line just by paying for their own health care??

The Canadian single-payer health care financing system is bad for Canadians. Even it's advoates admit that it creates "horrible" waiting lines. Also it forces many sick people to seek health care outside Canada -- or worse, to die waiting for care. Barack Obama's brand of health care reform is a giant step along the pathway to a Canadian style single-payer system. Democrats are trying to rush this plan through passage before we have a chance to debate it or even to read the legislative bill!! They need to be stopped immediately!!!!

Please, shake off your apathy (if any) and call every senator and congressional representative that you can!!!!!!!!!!!! Now. Here's the link to contact them:

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