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Saturday, November 7, 2009


By JC Leahy is my favorite online shopping web site because they have EVERYTHING and the prices are low. Also, there is usually no sales tax. If you sign up for their "Amazon Prime" deal, you can even get free shipping on anything Amazon sells. Returns are generally simple. And you don't have to drive around town spending time and gasoline. This makes Amazon far better and "greener" than brick-and-mortar retail shopping for most purchases. The exception is with items of clothing that I really want to see, feel, and try on before you buy. Even then, I will often buy, say shoes, hats, shirts, or outdoor jackets online and just return them if I don't like them. In your own Holiday Shopping, or in general whenever you shopl, go to by FIRST going to At Jaitoday, go to the bottom of the page to the the "Amazon Gift Card" link. Click that link to enter the Amazon shopping site. No, you don't have to buy a gift card. This link will take you to the website and you can proceed to shop and buy anything you want. The special deal is that, because you entered Amazon through Jaitoday, Amazon will pay a sales commission to the Journal of American Ideas Today for every item you buy. This commission can range as high as 15%. This way, you can support the Journal at NO COST to you!! Your shopping support will be greatly appreciated!!


JC Leahy, Editor

PS - You can also use any other link located in WWW.JAITODAY.COM. For example, there are links in certain articles to buy books, etc. The Journal will get the commission from any of these links, too. --- JCL

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