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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Letter from Facebook: "I Am the Tea Party"

This is the "profile" letter of a Facebook group called I AM THE TEA PARTY !

Question...Are those millions of people you see on TV protesting RACIST? ANTI-SEMITIC? I don't think so. I am one. One of the millions of people like you that has had it! It's a distraction so you don't see that people just like you feel bullied and unheard. I am a Jewish White Man Married to a like minded Beautiful Catholic Black Women, I run my own business and believe in the constitution and I love my country. Doesn't fit the mold? To bad! Stop believing in molds! You and I are not backward, racist, violent or bigoted people but people who believe in a country of laws. We don't want to be over taxed or for the dollars we work hard to earn to be squandered. And we don't want to leave our mess to our children to clean up! We have seen two administrations try to tackle the economy with knee jerk reactions and fail. We don't want to be forced to go along with ANYTHING, ANYMORE that we haven't had a chance to Read, Understand or VOTE for!

To my Democrat & Republican friends and family:

No matter how you stand on the issues, don't believe the main stream media or your political party. Believe in yourself and your family and do like Bob: GET UP, STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! In a nonviolent way by voting anyone out of office that you disagree with! It is time for real change. The kind that doesn't come from HOPE but from hard work and from uncomfortable realistic rational actions. You have a voice so use it. Tell your friends and family we can make a difference if we band together.

If you agree with me you are an American and can now say

"I AM THE TEA PARTY" too! :)

If you agree with me and want to tell your friends and family from both political parties we agree on more than we disagree Recommend this page to your Facebook friends.

Thank you for your time.

Larry from NY


Journal editor's comment: I can report that I actually went downtown to the 9/12 Tea Party March last year.  I saw families with children, nurses, doctors, old folks in wheelchairs and on crutches who traveled far from all parts of the US to march and to send a message to Congress.  I liken the atmosphere to that of a county fair or a church picnic.   I saw absolutely no evidence of racisim.  I saw no inciting of violence.  Those who say otherwise speak in ignorance, I assure you.  Check out photos and details at the link below. -- JC Leahy

9/12 March

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