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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Powerful Thunderstorms Rip Through Washington, DC Area

Thousands Without Electricity

by JC Leahy  -- Aug. 12, 2010

Rush hour driving into Washington, DC this morning was an adventure. Pounding hail, driving rain, gusting winds, falling branches, malfunctioning traffic signals, and crackling cloud-to-ground thunder made my pulse quicken.   Flood waters on New Hampshire Avenue were higher than halfway up the hubcaps in places. In the picture at the right, a car creeps through the dark intersection at New Hampshire Avenue and University Boulevard in Langley Park, Maryland. As I passed cars stalled and pulled off the road, I was impressed that my Mustang convertible just kept on going through the deep water.

85,000 PEPCO households were left without power by the storm. A falling tree crushed an apartment building in Gaithersburg, Maryland, injuring 10 people. At least 12 people had to be rescued from vehicles stranded in the flooding. The Forest Glen and Cleveland Park Metro stations closed. The MARC Brunswick Line trains were delayed by falling trees. The Penn Line was delayed by power outages

I made it in to my DC office on time at 8 AM. I was amazed that the Mustang was undamaged by the hail.

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