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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Donald Greenwood, Indian River Inlet, Fla.
Nov. 2, 2010

Guess the shuttle program wraps up tomorrow (Wednesday, 11 – 3) with the last launch scheduled for about 3:30 pm. Hope I get to see it.

The Kennedy Space Center here stated that about 1,000 jobs were lost last month due to the cut-backs in the shuttle program. It’s estimated that about 9,100 jobs will be cut/lost when the program completely ends at year-end – some of these folks will take retirement – but about  5,000 will be unemployed and looking for jobs. Problem is there are no technically-oriented jobs for them here like the ones they have now. Florida is a tourist-oriented State with lots of low-paying jobs in the hotels, retail stores, lawn-cutting, etc.. And of course - a retirement-destination State with many jobs in the health-care area – nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, etc. Lots of lawyers here too? Bottom line – more homes will go into foreclosure in the Space Center area – and many small businesses will fold too due to the loss of customers. I still don’t see light at the end of the tunnel here.

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