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Friday, December 17, 2010


Fisker Karma interior
 JC Leahy

I believe my next car will be electric or plug-in Hybrid. Google the Fisker Karma for an example of a very cool plug-in hybrid. It's available in February. In electric-only mode, it has a range of 50 miles and will go 95 mph;  switch to the gasoline-assisted mode and the range is 250 miles and the top speed 125 mph!!  For me, 50 miles would get me to and from work with no problem and NO gasoline!!  There's an optional solar charger to run your entire commute off the grid, on solar power !!!!!!!!!  Wow! That makes it a solar powered car!!  I'm getting TIRED of sending petrodollars to people who want to kill me!!!
Fisker Karma - Available February, 2011

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