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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


By JC Leahy

According to Constellation Electric information release dated June, 2011, the electricity it provided in Maryland during 2010 came from the following sources:

Coal, 49.8%
Gas, 11.41%
Nuclear, 35.01%
Petroleum, 0.49%
Captured methane gas, 0.28%
Geothermal, zero percent
Hydroelectric, 0.97%
Solar, zero percent
Solid waste, 0.57%
Wind, 1.28%
Wood or other biomass, $0.19%
Fuel cell, zero percent

Constellation Electric also states that for the year 2010, the following pollutants were generated for each megawatt hour of electricity generated:

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), 5,266 pounds
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), 1,322 pounds
Carbon Dioxide (CO2), 1,164,659 pounds

The company states, "CO2 is a 'green house gas' which may contribute to global climate change. SO2 and NOx released into the atmosphere react to form acid rain.  NOx also react to form ground level ozone, and unhealthful component of 'smog.' "

Constellation Electric is a trade name of BGE Home Products and Services, LLC.  Their telephone number is 888-219-4239.

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