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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting For Irene

The storm has not hit us here in Maryland/DC as of 1pm.  We've put away everything that might blow around and attached long pipes to the downspouts to carry water away from the house. The motorcycle, lawn tractor, and garden furniture are all put away in sheds.  There is a new stick-built shed in the back with a drainage system that was just completed yesterday --- it will be interesting to see if it works under extreme conditions. The builder insists that it will, bu I have my doubts.  We also have a new bedroom in the house, with a new roomer in it.  It has a drainage system that ultimately relies on electricity to run a sump pump.  We've got our fingers crossed on that one, and will probably have to think about a backup generator in the future.   We are careful to trim or remove questionable trees on a regular basis, so we're hoping that no trees fall on the house or cars.  We've frozen a large quantity of ice to keep food cool in case power fails.  We've charged up our cellphones and Kindles and collected our candles and filled the cars with gas, with extra stored in a shed.  Now we'll just wait and see what happens :)

My understanding is that Florida is going to escape the worst this time and New York City is going to be slammed.  That an unusual reversal!!!

Be safe!!!

JC Leahy

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