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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How Did YOU Deal With Hurricane Sandy??

I'm sitting here early Tuesday morning in my bathrobe with poached eggs, English muffins with cherry-apple butter, and coffee with the fireplace burning brightly -- feeling like I made a great decision to stay home today and wait out Hurricane Sandy's  foul weather!  Despite dire warnings from PEPCO, I haven't lost electrical power  here in  Silver Spring, Maryland.

On the other hand, we just bought a waterside beach house in Delaware a few weeks ago.  I hope its still there.  What a time to decide to buy a beach house  :(

How did YOU deal with Hurricane Sandy?

JC Leahy
October 30, 2012

Next-Day Update:  Hurricane Sandy is over!!! My house was apparently in a lucky place. No electricity lost and no trees in the yard down, even though Route 29 had to be closed for some reason ( I wonder why??) and some people I know lost power. I just hope my Delaware beach house is undamaged -- it's at the waterside, on one of those canals.   I hope it's still there!!! :)  JL

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