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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


If you want a tough question here's one: Let's just say for the sake of consideration that some American presidential candidate went through his or her lawyer to hire a firm to hire a British ex-spy to collect fake dirty facts from a hostile foreign power, say Russia, and other nefarious sources, and disguised those fake facts as intelligence reports, combined the fake reports into a dossier, leaked the fake dossier to the press, and fed it to the FBI and Justice Department. who in turn KNOWINGLY used the fake dossier, along with news reports about the fake dossier, to defraud the FISA courts 4 times to obtain 360 days of wiretapping and surveillance of the opposing presidential candidate at the height of a close presidential election, then hatched a plan to fix that US presidential election and undermine the dis-favored candidate if he should win. I mean, I know it sounds like unlikely fiction, but let's just say....In that case would you agree that the responsible folks in the Justice Department, FBI, and the offending presidential campaign would NEED to be prosecuted for the sake of the integrity democracy in America? Leave a comment to let me know your opinion.  --  JC Leahy

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