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Sunday, August 9, 2009


August 9, 2009

VIA FAX: 301-670-7183

Mr. Kent Weiss, Editor
The Gazette
9390 Comprint Court
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Dear Mr. Weiss:

It broke my heart to read the Gazette's front-page article August 7, about how legislators are bracing for upcoming health-care forums. Your tenor and content portray Congress as under siege by angry mobs, which you say are "more intent on being heard, than asking questions about the Democrats' proposals." You give voice to assertions that those with different ideas are an angry mob of "hard-right tea-baggers and birthers." How polarizing!

Lee Iacocca once said that many American employers would go bankrupt if America did not enact meaningful health care reform. His words were prophetic. Many employers today are, in fact, under siege by uncontrolled health care costs. This includes US Postal Service, staggering under a monumental health care burden.. Ronald Wineholt, vice president of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce just last week voiced concern that mandates on employers, of which Obamacare has many, could cause businesses to lose control of costs. Clearly, we have to do something, do it ASAP, and do it right. This will take calm discussion.

Health care care financing reform is the most important legislative issue of our lifetimes. How can you possibly believe that the citizens' role is merely to "ask questions" about what one party or another is planning to do? Obamacare is based upon third-party-payment health-care financing, rewarmed. This approach has failed. We know it has failed because it is collapsing under its own weight, bringing along with itself our employers and our jobs. Doing more of the same thing, with greater intensity, will not produce a better result!! As in life in general, what got us here just won't get us there, no matter how we wish!! So let's talk about it, without demonizing each other? Okay?

Yours sincerely,
Nurse JC Leahy
Silver Spring, MD
Nurse Leahy blogs at

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