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Sunday, September 6, 2009


(Background: I had written to this educator because I knew she supported the Canadian Health Care System. Canada's single-payer health care system is important because it is cited by many as the shining model for the United States. I told this educator that I needed someone to argue with me. I was surprised by her response. -- JC Leahy)

Hi JC,
I am a bit jealous (in a good way) for soon-to-be grandparents. Your aging process will be enriched by it. I can just imagine the mixed feeling of Adalia! Congratulation and best wishes.
Could you kindly mail Theresa's address? I thank God for all His goodness but above all He never give up on me. Yes, reaching this age is not too bad.

I could not disagree with you about Canadian health care program.I have taught about our Canadian Health care history as part of nurses professionalism. In the beginning the social medicine in Canada serves the purpose for that era. However,after many years it evolves into something that becomes a challenge even more so now. When immigration opened the door for millions of immigrants including refugees, there was not much protection for its abuse and misuse. Visitors and others entered Canada for surgeries and other medical interventions using the health insurance card of their relatives here who are legal residents or citizens of this country. Now, that we spend billions of dollars in health care even after we almost went bankrupt with Health Care,we are nowhere near a healthy solution. I don't have particular complaint for me and my family because I was working as crown employee as a college teacher. But the majority of those with only basic coverage and the way health professionals are being used even with minimum personnels including doctors, the patients care is marginalized. So you see,I am not diagreeing with you on this matter. It is the way it is written in the constitution that I don't know if we can just amend or change any of this. Whereas, the U.S. Health Care Program is totally different from ours. Keep your fire burning! It only takes a spark, it only takes one's passion to get it going. May you use that spark to make a difference.

Be well!

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