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Friday, September 11, 2009

Now, A Word About Health Care :)


As a registered nurse and masters-educated accountant, and simply as an interested citizen, I have been reading about health care reform for years. I have noticed something pretty important: Some of the words used by reformers, including President Obama, do not mean what you might think they mean. For example, if I told you that bread cost too much and I wanted to reduce the cost of bread, you would probably think I wanted to lower the price-per-loaf of bread. That might be a good thing. However, in the realm of health care financing, they don't talk about price; they talk about COST. It's not the same thing at all!!! In the health-care-system analogy, the principal way of reducing the cost of bread is to either give you less bread or to make sure the supermarket only collects a dime for each loaf of bread it delivers to you. Either way, you get less bread. Key point: price and cost mean different things. Health care reformers talk about costs, not prices. Theoretically, the health care reformer could reduce the cost of your bread to zero by simply not giving you any bread! The problem is that when they reduce the cost, you eventually pay the price. Having learned from Marie Antoinette's misfortune, however, the wise health care regulator would never say, "Let them eat cake!" but rather would provide just enough bread to avoid revolution -- which is not a pleasant prospect for folks needing health care!! Americans can do better than that!!

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