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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hi Everyone!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! Dali and; I went to Tennessee
this past week for our daughter Jessica's nursing school graduation -- which went smoothly. Yeah!! Yesterday, we cut our trip short to try to race back to Maryland ahead of the blizzard. It caught us before we could even get out of Tennessee!!! We traveled 8 miles in 9 hours. Dozens upon dozens of other cars slid off the road into ditches and onto the snowy roadside. Eighteen wheelers one after another came to a stop witout even pulling off the roadway. We finally managed to limp into a (thankfully) large and comportable Marriott convention center at 4am this morning and got the LAST available room. This afternoon, Interstate 81 is closed to the north of us, and according to the news, some motorists have been in their cars for 24 hours. We'll stay here until the roads seem safe -- probably leaving Sunday or
Monday.  When we get back, we'll play catch-up on Christmas preparations. I'm going to make my famous whiskey bread pudding -- which is always well received and fasteaten. :)

Happy Holidays! Stay well, and if you can, stay off the roads during this blizzard.

Yours sincerely,
JC Leahy

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