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Friday, September 24, 2010

Is Moslem Religion Compatible With American Ideals ??

Submitted by Steve Monje,  Federal police officer

U S A.....are you there? are you listening?...
are you tired of hearing about a mosque at GROUND ZERO?
Well........Have you seen the streets in NYC that look just like this?????
Here is a CBS editorial about Paris
Are we next?

Video to Think About


Anonymous said...

Bertha of Rockville, MD:
Not to be discriminatory but the Islam issues is really becoming serious..everyone at least in office seem to fear them...
That for the info...

Anonymous said...

You can't judge a whole race or religion by the actions of a few of it's people.
Hitler was a Christian, so was Timothy McVeigh. Does that mean Christianity and all Christians are terrorists? What about those who bomb abortion clinics in the name of religion? And dont even get me started on the witch trials.

Before judging, how about actually reading the book of the Muslims for yourself instead of taking guidance from Mass Media?