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Friday, February 25, 2011


By Donald Greenwood

I ponder the Teacher-Union problem in Wisconsin and how they and the state-democrats there have fought the Wisconsin GOP Governor to have their benefits reduced. We all know we got to give back some of the “good-old-days” benefits, but no one wants themselves to be included. Cut other folks benefits, but not ours. Ditto argument for New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, etc. Don’t cut here – go elsewhere for the cuts. My ‘cash-cow” is sacred and beyond meddling with.

Someone that taught school in Wisconsin said that they are the highest paid teachers in this country ($60,000 annual salary) and have a great/generous health/retirement package. They’ll have to give in eventually, as we all will. Ditto for the cowardly state-Democrats.

If the Wisconsin Governor pulls this off – he may suddenly become presidential material. Ditto for the New Jersey governor. And my friend’s wife recently visited Houston and heard the Louisiana governor (Bobby Jindall ??) speak at a ladies GOP dinner function and got a free-autographed copy of his book (“Crisis & Leadership” or something like that) (he’s a Catholic – and his parents are Hindu from India). She said she was not impressed with him when he spoke earlier this year concerning the oil-spill problem on TV; but she was really impressed with his speech at the luncheon and he did not use a prompter. And he’s not pro-Obama. This state GOP Governor may also be good GOP presidential material. And a rumor is circulating that Donald Trump might run for the presidency. Whoa!!! Think what this would do for the hair-fashion folks!! (I’ll vote for him!) 

I hope the GOP selects some “new” talented blood to run for president; and not the same old, dull, week-old, “meat-loaf” regulars that turn everyone off except the party-faithful.

WE NEED NEW GOP BLOOD!!! (Wisconsin, or New Jersey, Louisiana governors, etc.) – YES!!

Just my opinion of course.

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