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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


By JC Leahy

DC Council Member Harry Thomas today vowed action on the "Keystone Cop" incident reported in the Journal on February 27. The crux of that incident was the DC Police Fifth District's failure to investigate Lojack-provided information about an apparent theif and the location of the computer that was among items he stole from an office at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in DC.   Council Member Harry Thomas contacted DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier to demand an explanation.  Mr. Thomas also promised, "My staff [will] review policies on why we did not respond and take advantage of the technology available to solve this case. If there area legislative actions needed I will take them.".

 Cheif Lanier responded,  "I have [contacted] Commander Hickson, who oversees all detectives, ... so he can research the matter and follow up with all of us.  We will be back in touch with further information very shortly."

Commander Hickson, in turn issused the following communication:

"Councilmember Thomas,

Chief Lanier forwarded your email to me for follow-up. I have reviewed the case that is referenced in this email. I am not satisfied with the investigative progress or the lack of urgency in the investigation. I have contacted the appropriate supervisors who will properly address the deficiencies. Captain Taylor, who supervises the District Investigation Branch, is personally assuming the supervision of this case and will insure the matter is resolved in a timely manner.  Our detectives have utilized the assistance of Lojack in recovering stolen property on many occasions and we will continue to leverage this technology in investigations.  I will advise you of the outcome of the investigation. 

Daniel P. Hickson, Commander, Criminal Investigations Division"

The "Keystone Cop" incident involved a month's police inaction on a grand larceny despite Lojack-provided information about the name and address of the likely thief and the current location of a laptop computer that was among the items stolen.

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