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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dispatch from Florida

by Don Greenwood

The pictures of the shuttle launch were very good – but most of those folks at Cape Kennedy are now out of jobs or about to lose them since the shuttle program ended. I think that I read that about 11,000 jobs would be affected and the local economy (stores, restaurants, housing, etc) would also suffer. Where do 11,000 “space workers” find other jobs in Florida (or elsewhere anymore I guess?) More homes going into receivership in that area.

Florida ranks third in unemployment. The Florida Governor wants to pass a bill limiting unemployment-payments to 20 weeks versus the current 26 weeks and unemployed people must accept a job offer if it pays minimum wage. State workers are under pressure as are the folks in the Education system here. Bottom line – the State does not have the money to continue supporting programs as it’s done over the years. It’s getting darn right scary. Just my opinion of course.

TV said the national “approval rate” for Obama was: 54% - those who think he’s doing a lousy job.

Huh!!!??? Come on now – he’s doing a great job!! His purpose is to drive this country into the ground and make it a “4th world nation”;and he’s right on course.

Best always. Cheers.

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