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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Momentarily Speechless

By JC Leahy

We passed a big inspection at work last week apparently with flying colors. This morning, just inside the doors to the building from the employees' parking lot, a prim, white, middle aged,management woman stood cheerfully announcing, "Coffee and doughnuts!  On the house!" There was a table with some coffee and boxes of bottom-of-the-line, full-of-air-and-too-much-sugar Krispy Kream doughnuts.  This was supposed to be management's thanks to the employees for doing so well at an important regulatory inspection. A pair of female employees entering from the parking lot were were walking just behind me, talking to each other in loud, ghetto-sounding demeanor.  Without missing a step, one of them replied to the management woman, "I'll take mine in cash. Then I can buy my own doughnuts."   This left the management woman momentarily speechless. I smiled to myself and wished I could think of lines like that so instantaneously.

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