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Saturday, February 16, 2013

W-2 Box 14 Codes for Defense Finance and Accounting Service Box

JC Leahy
MA Accounting

If you are a Federal civilian employee, your W-2 may have been printed by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service.  You will be able to tell just looking at the employer's name on the W-2.  For example, if you work for the Department of Veterans Affairs, your W-2 employer will be shown as "Defense Finance and Actg Srv, Agent for Dept of Veterans Affairs, 1240 E 9th Street, Room 1907, Cleveland, OH  44199." 

Box 14 of your W-2 may contain codes and dollar numbers.  You will need to interpret them.  Here are the meanings:

P = Employer provided vehicle
C = Moving expense
G = Non-taxable benefits identified as Pre-Tax Transportation Equity Act
H = Home to work transportation fringe benefits
K = Non-taxable dental and vision deductions
U = Non-taxable fringe benefits
V = Non-taxable health benefits
X = Occupational Tax (civilian)
Y = Non-taxable Flexible Spending Accounts
Z = Massachusetts Retirement

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