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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's Up With False Reporting at CNN??!!

JC Leahy

Someone in the lunchroom had CNN on  Wednesday and Thursday last week .  In these two consecutive 20-minute sessions, CNN broadcast two important errors which it certainly, definitely must have know to be untrue.  What the heck is up with that??!!  Does CNN do this kind of thing every day??!!

 On Wednesday, the CNN news anchor was reporting on a gang-related shooting in Chicago.  It was a sad story about a little girl hit by a stray gang-related bullet.  The news ticker at the bottom of the screen simultaneously declared "Chicago does not have strict gun control laws."  Period; no elaboration.  With the sad news of an innocent girl killed by gang gunfire, juxtaposed with the ticker's message that Chicago lacked strict gun control laws, the viewer, obviously, is supposed to suppose that strict gun control laws might make Chicago streets safer..  The actual truth is the OPPOSITE!!!  Chicago and its suburbs have been at the FOREFRONT of oppressive gun-related restrictions since the early 1970's!!  Violent crime in Chicago has not been prevented.  In 1981, Chicago suburb Morton Grove became the very first locality to entirely ban the ownership, sale, and transportation of all handguns.  Another Chicago suburb, Oak Grove, soon followed.  Things only got worse after that!   In fact, as the ultra liberal Huffington Post reports, until just a couple of months ago, "Illinois and the District of Columbia have been the only places to refuse to allow people to be armed in public"  A Federal Appeals Court on December 11, 2012 struck down the Illinois ban and gave the state 180 days to come up with proposed laws that WILL allow citizens to carry guns. Sadly, despite this victory, Chicago citizens, like their counterparts in DC, will continue to live under severe restrictions.  The point is that the current gang crisis in Chicago has grown up in an environment of very, very oppressive firearms-related laws in Chicago. This is an undeniable, absolute fact, and the folks at CNN must have known they were lying!!

The next day, Thursday last week, CNN reported at lunchtime about the investigation into the Benghazi attack on 9/11 last year.  The US ambassador to Libya had been killed.  The CNN reporter casually interjected that the "rioting" in the Middle East had been "caused" by an American anti-Muslim film called Innocence of Muslims.  That fairy tale had been an Obama-administration smokescreen for several weeks after 9/11 last year.  The whole Administration, from Obama down, had insisted that the Benghazi attack had been merely a protest demonstration that got out of hand.  Obama insisted that the demonstration had been "caused" by this obscure little filmlet on the Internet called "Innocence of Muslims."  Obama falsely but stubbornly maintained this "blame America" fairy tale for several weeks after the ambassador's killing.   It later was proven, absolutely, and Obama admitted, that the Benghazi attack had been an intricate, superbly coordinated terrorist attack,  pre-planned by Muslim terrorists with probable al-Queda links.  The Obama Administration had know this truth since at least Day 2, if not Day 1.   Really any schoolchild must have suspected the truth from the getgo, since the attack happened on 9/11's tenth anniversary.  So what the HECK is CNN doing repeating this disproven "party line" on February 14, 2013??!!

Such baldfaced lies so casually asserted!!!   What's up with CNN ??!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is terrible! You should send these to CNN to post in their letters to the editor (if they have that section). There's really no excuse for such obvious errors.