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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Worth Listening: "Critical Warning Number 6"

JC Leahy

This guy Michael Lombardi is obviously selling something, It's a high priced electronic newsletter with a "free report" included.  You get the "free" report if you buy the $1,951 newsletter.  That's too rich for my budget! However, his "sales pitch" is worth a listen because it gives a pretty good explanation of our current national state of affairs.  It it is, in detail, what I've been saying and thinking for around three years.  He puts kind of dark spin on it, I admit, but have a listen anyway.  Click Here .

By the way, if you actually have $1,951 to spend on an investment advice package like that, here's Lombardi's order page (without having to listen to the 15 minute sales pitch): Click Here For the Order Page If you buy it, I want to hear about what it says! :)

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