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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Arrival at Myrtel Beach - Saturday, January 19

By JC Leahy
Jan 20

Saturday, we checked out from the Wilson Quality Inn at 11:15. I had slept poorly.  Our first stop was the furniture store Dali had been looking forward to seeing again: Hope Furniture, in Wilson.  Hope Glover is the owner, she has two daughters working with her.  When we stopped there last year, Dali found the perfect table for my office, and a perfect Japanese woodblock print too.  This year, we bought a crystal-chrome-and-leather desk lamp for my office and a fern stand to replace my existing bedside table, and an elegant, round lamp table for the piano room.  Then, on the way to Myrtle Beach, we stopped at Cox Warehouse Discount Furniture, in Whiteville, NC.  At Cox, we chatted with a chemistry teacher working part time at furniture sales.  I told him he sounded like James Garner. We stopped at Cox Furniture last year and didn't buy anything then or now.  Their furniture selection is nice, but the prices are a bit higher than Hope's.

We arrived at The Links Golf and Racket Club at 6:30. We checked in and unpacked the mini van.  Before I even had the van unpacked, Dali had started her first vacation activity: laundry.  She brought an incredible quantity of dirty laundry from home.  She always does that on vacation -- something about saving water at home.  Then she cooked boiled eggs, rice and tea for dinner.  We watched some Fox News on TV while I cruised the Internet, checking e-mail.  I ran a virus scan on her PC.  I started a backup of mine.  I put my old video camera on the charger.  I took a bath.  Dali took a shower.  Then we went to bed. 

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