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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Myrtle Beach Vacation, Tuesday, January 2, 2013

JC Leahy

I arose at 9.  Dali was still sleeping.  I got online to check e-mail.  I did a little writing.  I did a little shopping.  I sent my friend Josh an e-mail thanking him for the invitation to his Redskins playoff party, saying I wish I could have attended, and suggesting that we get together soon, perhaps for billiards. I wrote my trip journal a bit.   I went to Amazon and ordered a cheap wired microphone and a DVD of Grand Hotel.

At 10AM I got a text from Peggy at work.  It said, "Call me ASAP."  "Oh, no!" I said to Dali. "Trouble at work!!  I called Peggy immediately.  She was there with my boss Deborah on speakerphone.  There was no crisis at work!!"  Peggy said the text was a joke -- they just wanted to pull my chain by making me think there was a crisis.  They just wanted to say "Hi."  Deborah left and I chatted with Peggy for a while.   I gave Peggy some pointers about how to help the new front desk secretary do a better job.

Dali made breakfast.  After breakfast I spent until noon reading and writing downstairs while Dali watched TV and did her activities upstairs.  At noon, we went to the gym for exercise.

Lunch was corned beef hash, fresh mixed vegetables with cabbage, and carrot juice.  We watched the first part of a DVD movie while we ate.  It was The Aviator, with Christopher Reeves, which I had picked up somewhere for $5.

After lunch, I suggested we go to the clubhouse.  I could  read and study taxes and Dali could read.  Then we could play table tennis, or billiards.  Dali said she would rather go out and check out a furniture store she spied along Route 17.  So we went out in the minivan, Dali driving.  Our first stop was a rundown little furniture shop full of rundown looking furniture, run by a rundown looking man.  The next stop was the furniture store Dali actually had in mind: J and K Furniture.  I amused myself with the thought that it lucky Mr. J and Mr. K didn't have a third partner named Unger.  Then the place would be called J, U 'n K Furniture.  Yuck, yuck !!  J and K Furniture had a nice selection.  We managed to escape without buying anything.  Then, just to balance the shopping trip, we stopped at Bass Pro Shops for me to look around.  I always like to look at sporting goods shops.  I spent $10 on a camouflage colored baseball hat.  I like hats and I was in the mood to look like a redneck.  I thought I might pick up some .32 ACP handgun ammunition because I was planning to introduce Dali to target shooting and I didn't want to get ripped off at some shooting range on the price of ammunition.  The sales clerk directed me handgun ammunition section.  It was extensive.  This particular Bass Pro Shops had one side of an entire aisle with shelves for handgun ammunition.  However, the shelves were nearly bare, and there was not .32 ACP left at all.  I went back to the sales clerk, who was helping a man with a handgun pouches.  I pointed out that the shelves were empty and asked when they would be restocking.  He said they just got a truckload  that morning, that the shelves had been fully restocked.  Now they were empty.  They'd be getting another truckload in soon, but Bass Pro Shops hadn't been able to keep up with the demand for ammunition since Obama began his galactically ignorant rant about how to reduce crime with gun control. While making my counterclockwise circuit of the Bass Pro Shops store, I looked at kayaks.  Dali and I have decided that the we need a pair of kayaks to offer with the new rental beach house we are outfitting for next summer.  I made a note that I liked the Ascend D12 kayak, although at around $600 it seemed a little pricey.  Later checking on the Internet, I discovered that Ascend is a Bass Pro Shops store brand, so you either take it at their price or find something else.  The online chatter is to look for something else for a better price at Gander Mountain.

We got out of Bass Pro Shops only $10 lighter than when we entered. When we got home and I looked in the mirror, I decided that the camouflage hat made me look old. I'd have to be careful about wearing that hat. For dinner, we had instant tomato bisque soup soup, fresh vegetables, and water.  We watched the remainder of The Aviator while we ate.  Then we went to the gym.  I weighed in at 188.  Dali weighed in at 2 pounds more than Monday.  We need to figure out why we're not losing weight.  I think it's the generous servings of fruit smoothies.  We exercised in the gym for an hour.  I "officially" started my tax study, reading the first few pages of my latest tax textbook and unwrapping the 3x5 index cards I plan to use for flash-card study.  We were in bed by midnight.

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