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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Myrtle Beach Vacation, Thursday, January 24, 2013

JC Leahy
We slept until 10:30.  Dali made fruit smoothie for breakfast, to which I added a large bowl of raisin bran and a cup of coffee.  After breakfast, we each did our own activities around the house.  I installed optional windows updates, including drivers, on my laptop in the hopes that Muvee would install.  But Muvee still gave me the same error message about the video card or driver, and refused to complete installation.   I gave up on Muvee.  I’ll either contact their tech support when I get back home to Silver Spring or I’ll just install on my other laptop.
At noon, Dali and I went for a walk around The Links grounds, followed by a one-hour workout in the gym.  We ate lunch at 3:30: boiled butternut squash, canned sardines, couscous, and mixed vegetables.
After lunch, Dali went out to search for a Sears store.  I stayed to read and study.  When Dali returned, we had couscous and milk for dinner, followed by table tennis in the clubhouse, and more working out in the gym. 
Time files!  Tomorrow will be our last day before we have to pack it up and return home from vacation!

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