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Sunday, January 20, 2013

We're Off to Myrtle Beach!

By JC Leahy

Dali and I are on the way to Myrtle beach for a short vacation.  We usually stop in Wilson, NC just because we like to look around the place.  Dali likes to see a Hope's furniture store in Wilson.  I like to look around Wilson and get a sense of how America is doing outside the economic bubble of Washington, DC.  We always stay at the Wilson Quality Inn. We like  its  outstanding complimentary breakfast and the exercise room, among other things.  It's sad to see now that it's going downhill.  When we first approached our Room 211, there was another couple standing in the hallway.  The wife was histrionic about how "disgusting" her room was.  I pondered how lucky I was to not be married to a hyper-complaining woman like that!  After  we had settled into Room 211,  Dali complained to me that the bathroom ceiling was spotted all over with what appeared to be mold.  She had me look at it. It certainly appeared to be mold or mildew.  Then I noticed the tobacco burn holes in one of the bedspreads.  I threw on my suitcase to hide it.  (I just wasn't in the mood to complain to management and haul our extensive luggage set to another room.)  When Dali got out of the bathroom, she observed that the bed skirts were crumpled and didn't look clean.  I replied that at least the sheets were clean, and the room didn't smell as bad as the first one we looked at.

It wasn't until alter at 2 am when I jumped out of bed in my bare socks that I realized that the carpeting around the bed was wet.  Not damp, wet. Wet with WHAT, I wondered.  When we got up this morning,  Dali noticed the suspicious stains on the room's loveseat.  I wondered exactly WHAT someone had been DOING on that loveseat!!   The breakfast this morning was as outstanding as ever; however, I examined the lobby and common areas with a newly critical eye.  I found peeling and watermarked wallpaper and dark spots suspicious of mold.  Next time we visit Wilson, I think we'll try another hotel

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