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Monday, January 21, 2013

Myrtle Beach Vacation, Sunday, January 20, 2013

JC Leahy

I woke up to the smell of pancakes.  Dali made us a fruit smoothie, too. I made some coffee.   After breakfast we planned the day: First, the gym, followed by a stroll around the neighborhood, and then a trip to a shopping mall.  Dali very much enjoys shopping.   We exercised in the gym for 45 while watching a Danny Kaye movie called the Inspector General.  We finished the Inspector General at the townhouse.  I put my old Canon digital camera on charger. I studied how to use a lavlaier microphone with my old Sony Dital-8 movie camera. I updated my Windows-XP online, and then made another attempt to install Muvee-8 video editing software onto my Toshiba laptop. No dice: Muvee's error message said that my video card or drivers were too old to support Muvee-8.  .

We took a stroll around the neighborhood.  The weather was  a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny  For lunch, Dali made bean soup, mixed fresh vegetables, and sautéed tofu.  She says I'm going to lose 10 pounds on this vacation.  Great.

By the time we ventured out for shopping, the sun was nearly setting.  Our destination was the  Barefoot Landing shopping mall, but the sun was so intense in our eyes that we halted at Roses, instead, to wait for the sun to set. Roses is a discount department store with such attractive prices that they encourage purchases  I only needed two 9 volt batteries for the lavalier microphone and some shampoo.  Dali didn't need anything in particular.  Nevertheless, we ended up spending $168 at Roses.  It's funny how that happens.  The Roses cashier advised us that we should forget shopping at Barefoot Landing because all those stores close early on Sunday.  Accordingly, we decided to save Barefoot Landing until tomorrow, and went back to the townhouse.

We spent the rest of the evening there. We ate more of the bean soup.  I chugged a can of NOS energy drink with it.  I'm experimenting with energy drinks to see if any of them makes sense for me.  I did some writing, and studied a bit more about wireless microphones.  It dawned on me that a wireless microphone is only a wired microphone plugged into a transmitter. That's simple.   For a movie, I chose The Transporter, and Dali chose another Danny Kaye movie, Hans Christian Anderson. So we watched both.  Later we watched Predator-2.  Guess who picked that one! :)  My laptop backup has taken several days. I was able to suspend it for travel from Maryland to Myrtle Beach, and started it up again last night.  It's 96% complete.  Dali is still washing the incredible pile of dirty clothes she brought from home. We worked out in the gym until 10:15. Then to bed shortly before midnight.

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